Top Tips for Moving Garage Items

When you are looking to move your entire home a long distance, moving your garage can be overwhelming. Not knowing if it is safe to move an item, or if an item should be packed a specific way can be tricky. At Two Guys and a Truck Hoboken Movers, we have had over 40 years to perfect long-distance moving. You can use these tips to make your moving experience a little easier. If you find yourself needing any help, feel free to call Booth Movers for expert long-distance movers.

Unwanted Items

The best thing to do before you start packing is to get rid of unwanted items. Your unwanted items may be treasure to another. Call your local charities to see if they can use any of your specific items. You can also try putting items at the curb the day before garbage day. You never know who may see them and want to pick these items up.


If you have an automobile, you do not want to drive to your new home, professional moving companies can move your vehicle for you. At Two Guys and a Truck Hoboken Movers we can move your everyday car, vintage, or hobby automobiles. We also suggest you get extra insurance for this type of moving. You do not want to have to deal with accidental damage during or after transport.


As professional movers we have learned that motorcycles are heavy and easy to tip over. Make sure to ensure your motorbike is safe and secure during transport. We suggest you use special crating or tie down straps while you transport. You can also buy motorcycle shipping crates on the internet or call Two Guys and a Truck Hoboken Movers to properly prep and transport your motorcycle.


When moving a grill, it is important to use moving pads and straps. This will give the exterior of your grill great protection. You will also need to secure the grates inside your grill. Make sure to dispose of any charcoal or propane tanks before moving. DO NOT TRANSPORT PROPANE TANKS! Most places you can buy these will buy them back from you.

Lawncare & Landscaping

It is best to first decide what type of landscaping and lawn care you will need at your next home. Do not move items you will no longer need; a neighbor or friend may want to buy these items off of you. If you decide to take these items with you, your yard tools are made for rough treatment and should not need extra treatment. Make sure to check your fuel storage containers before your residential move, you will want these to be empty.

Paints and Flammable Liquids

It is not safe to move these types of items. Make sure to properly dispose of these items before you move. It is best to check with your local government office regarding rules for the disposing of hazardous liquids.


Tool chests are a great moving tool for residential movers. If you can place all your tools in a tool chest and lock the drawers, you should have an easy to manage tool moving experience. For larger tools like metal or wood working equipment, it is best to consider crating the heavy or complex parts. Call Two Guys and a Truck Hoboken Movers to help you with these items, or to get advice on the best ways to move your specific tools.