Preparing and Protecting Your New Jersey Home on Moving Day

With all of the packing and organizing over with, the hard part of your move is behind you! As you’re moving, you may be wondering if there are any steps you may have forgotten. Commonly, New Jersey homeowners forget that the actual act of moving can be taxing on your house or apartment. With large boxes and furniture being strung around, your home can expect some light wear.

Prior to your final moving day, it’s imperative that you prepare your house for all of the activities that will be going on. By taking just a few precautions, your moving day can be guaranteed to go smoothly.

Here are some of Professional Movers in Hoboken recommendations.

Preparing Your Yard for Residential Movers

With timeliness a priority of most moving companies, long distance movers will frequently use the exterior of your home as the main pathway for their convenience. Ensuring that your yard is ready for them will help to facilitate the process.

A crucial first step when preparing your yard is to make sure that all pathways to the road from your doors are clear. Driveways, sidewalks, porch entryways, and lawns should be free of any large items that might obstruct the movers.

If it has recently rained and the ground is wet, consider laying down plywood or particle board so that movers don’t unintentionally muddy the lawn. Doing so will retain an appealing yard for the future occupant.

Protecting Your New Jersey Home Interior

The interior of your home is a prime place for damage during a move due to the condensed space. Large, bulky furniture is going to need to be maneuvered through tight hallways and stairwells. Flooring also witnesses quite a bit of wear on moving day. By taking some time to protect your home, you can easily prevent scrapes and scratches that might occur. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Drape heavy blankets over stairwell banisters and other sensitive areas.
  • Lay down plastic on carpeted sections of your floors. This will prevent stains from spills and matting from foot traffic.
  • Cover high traffic areas with floor coverings or plastic to prevent dirt buildup.

Most often, your residential movers will provide these materials and take care of the precautions themselves. It is always advised to double-check with them beforehand to see if there’s anything they need you to do as the homeowner.

Disposing of Hazardous Liquids and Chemicals

Before the movers come, ensure that there are no containers with liquid stored in your boxes. Liquids can easily spill and cause a mess, potentially damaging your home’s flooring. This is especially the case if the liquids are hazardous chemicals. Oil, gasoline, and certain cleaning supplies should not be packed at all, as moving companies are normally forbidden from transporting these. Always check with your long distance moving company to determine what items are prohibited.

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