6 Tips for Moving Items in Your Garage

Are you getting ready to move in New Jersey? If you have a garage, you’ll need to clear it out just as you do your home. With help from professional long-distance movers on the east coast the job will go more smoothly. But you can also make life easier by keeping these six tips in mind when moving items in your garage.

Get a Mover to Transport Cars and Motorcycles

If you own more than one car, a motorcycle, or a recreational vehicle, you’ll have to find a residential mover to help transport these vehicles. Thankfully, most moving companies do have large flatbed trailers and semis capable of holding vehicles. In fact, they may offer vehicle transport as a specialized moving service.

Some things to consider when prepping to move your vehicles:

  • Purchase additional valuation coverage in case something happens to your car during the move.
  • Get motorcycle crates or request custom-crating with tie-down of motorcycles to protect them during transport.
  • Empty out all gasoline, oil, and other liquids from your vehicles to eliminate fire hazards.
  • Clean personal items out of your car’s glove compartment, such as registration, electronic devices, or money.

Prepare Your Grills for Transport

People often leave preparation of their outdoor grills and other outdoor living equipment until the last minute. Don’t do this to yourself! Take the time one weekend to properly prepare your grill for the move, so you can load it and forget about it.

What are some things you can do?

  • Remove any loose items, like grill utensils and supplies.
  • Remove the propane tank from a gas grill.
  • Clear out any charcoal briquettes and wipe clean.
  • Secure lid and doors with straps to keep them from opening.

Dispose of Paints and Flammable Liquids

The garage is where most people keep their extra paint, engine oil, and other chemicals, which is where it belongs. The problem is dealing with these things when you are about to move. Residential movers won’t transport chemicals for clients due to fire hazards.

You can usually dispose of chemicals and paints at a local county collection center. Check with your city to see if they have one of these sites set up for residents. The service is usually free or very low cost. These collection centers will accept all kinds of things but check locally to see what is accepted in your area. Some common items include:

  • Flammable Liquids
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Electronic Waste
  • Lightbulbs & Ballasts
  • Wood & Paper
  • Old Tires

Plan for Lawncare & Landscaping Items

If you don’t want to move your lawn care equipment, you’ll need to come up with a plan for it. New Jersey homeowners can give their lawn mowers and other equipment to neighbors, or family members, or gift them to the next resident.

If you do plan on moving mowers or anything with a battery or gas tank, remove these before transport to reduce the risk of fire.

Store Loose Tools in a Chest

Garages also hold lots of loose items, like small tools and power tools. Keep these items safe and sound in a locking chest during transport. If you have larger equipment or items with complex parts, you may want to have it custom crated by the movers. If there are wheel locks on your tool chests, engage those to keep them from rolling around.

Donate or Scrap those Unwanted Items

It’s so easy to put an old piece of furniture or household item you don’t use any longer into the garage and forget about it. Until the day comes when you have to move!

There are plenty of ways to dispose of those unwanted items from dropping off accepted goods at collection centers to donating furniture to local organizations. Enterprising homeowners may even take metal items, like patio furniture and old fridges to a recycler to get some cash out of them.

If you don’t want to deal with moving metal items, just place them on the curb before trash day. Often scrappers will drive through neighborhoods looking for metal items to grab up and take to recyclers.

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